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Is your granite, marble or quartz worktop scratched, chipped, stained? A stone countertop if installed poorly can crack. If a blunt object is dropped near an edge, it can chip it away. In time the rich looking surface can become dull and lose some of its shine.  If this is the case,  why accept it or replace it when it can be repaired.  There is no countertop material that is invincible to damage, and believe it or not despite being incredibly strong and durable, in time your granite, marble or quartz countertops may begin to show the wear and tear of everyday life.

The Professionals at RevitaStone have years of experience working with custom granite marble and quartz countertops.  We have discovered the best technologies and developed the best techniques for repairing granite, natural stone and quartz  surfaces such as kitchen countertops, vanities, fireplaces and anything else that might be made of granite, marble or quartz.  As a professional stone countertop company, we have the highest standards and know what a quality finished product should look like.  Because of our dedication to consistently produce repairs with the highest standards, we are committed to continually finding new and better ways to repair  granite countertops and bring them back to their original beauty. 

Our experience and industry knowledge make us the experts in the Okanagan when it comes to granite repairs and restoration. We strive to enhance and restore your granite and quartz countertops by repairing those cracks, chips, scratches, pits and blemishes. Our skilled craftsmen will ensure all those problems will be practically invisible, smooth to the touch, and as vibrant as the countertop was from day one.

Services Provided:

(1) We repair all types granite, quartz & marble stone damage such as:

- Chipped edges

- Surfaces pits

 - Impact damage

- Cracks

- Stain removal

- Seam repairs


(2) We perform regular maintenance and restoration services such as:

- Sealing

- Polishing

- Cleaning


(3) Granite, quartz or marble customization:

- Holes drilled (Faucets, grommets, etc)

- Custom Cutting

- Repolishing and profiling of edges


(4) Removal or installation of kitchen and vanity tops

- Sinks mounted


Our Promise

Many of our customers worry that their granite or quartz countertop cannot be repaired or that they will be able to see the original damage. Because the technicians at RevitaStone are highly skilled professionals who take their work incredibly seriously, we are confident enough to tackle almost any repair.  We will view and estimate the scope of the repair as well go over the expected results with the customer prior to performing any repairs. Our combined experience, knowledge, technologies and techniques for repairs often result in countertop repairs that are virtually undetectable. 


Locations Served

RevitaStone is located within Kelowna and serves all of the Okanagan.  If necessary we will take our repairs out of the Okanagan Area.

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